Who will win Piderman's game?
Episode Number: 107
Release Date: October 6, 2009
Guess Da Number

Guess Da Number

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Guess Da Number is the seventh episode of Baman Piderman.





Piderman has a new video game to play!


Baman is eating dinner with Tuba, when Piderman invites him over to play his new video game. The game console is actually just Pumkin with two cords plugged into him. In order to play the game, the players have to guess a random number; Baman guesses five, and Piderman guesses seven. Piderman wins, and Baman sadly slumps down and drops his controller. As Piderman tries to comfort him, his basement door opens, and odd sounds are heard coming from it. They go to the door and decide to send Pumkin down to investigate. After hearing carving, Baman turns on the light, and they discover Those Guys carving a face into Pumkin. Everyone screams, including Pumkin, who has a newly found voice.

Trivia Edit

  • Pumkin's eyes started of as a black line but later transfered into empty black sockets, but when he gained humanoid body, Pumkin has no face.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Guess Da Number.

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(Baman is shown eating dinner inside his house along with Tuba. He pauses as he hears Piderman)

Piderman: Baman, Baman, Baman, Baman! Ba-uh! (He trips on and falls out his window with a game controller in his hand) Come play my game!

Baman: Tuba, enjoy your dinner. (He flops out the window)

Piderman: (Holding up his controller) Let's make the numbers!

(The scene switches to inside Piderman's house. The game console is actually just Pumkin with two cables plugged into him, which are connected to the TV. Baman and Piderman hit the buttons on their controllers)

Baman: Five.

Piderman: Seven!

(The number seven appears on the television screen. Baman drops his controller and slumps down in disappointment)

Piderman: Don't be sad, Baman. We can- (He is interrupted as the basement door opens. Eerie sounds are heard coming from within. Piderman gasps, and Pumkin jumps into Baman's arms. The three look down into the basement)

Piderman: Baman what's in there?

Baman: Pumkin can go see. (They roll Pumkin down the stairs on Piderman's web. Carving sounds are soon heard)

Baman: Do you hear...carving? (He flicks on the light to reveal Those Guys. That Guy is holding a knife and sitting in front of Pumkin. As everyone screams, the shots switch rapidly between them)

Baman & Piderman: *scream*

That Guy: *moans*

The Other Guy: *moans*

Baman & Piderman: *scream*

Those Guys: *moan*

Baman & Piderman: *scream*

Those Guys: *moan*

Tuba: *honks*

Those Guys: *moan*

Baman, Piderman & Tuba: *scream & honk*

Pumkin: *wails*