Da Journey is becoming more
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Episode Number: 111
Release Date: February 11, 2010
Happy Winter Friends (Part 2)

Happy Winter Friends (Part 2)

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Happy Winter Friends (Part 2) is the eleventh episode of Baman Piderman.





Can Baman & Piderman save Pumkin on Da Journey?


Baman and Piderman are walking down the same hall from the last episode, when Baman suddenly realizes that they are in a forest. Piderman notices a smiling snowman, and Baman tries to talk to it. When it doesn't respond, Baman grows angry, takes its eyes, fits them over his own, and moans, causing the snowman to blow apart. Piderman asks how he did this, and he responds by saying that it's better if he doesn't know. Suddenly, Piderman sees a pale green tree behind Baman move, but Baman tells him not to be scared, reminding him that they have seen it before. A Squib hatches from the tree and begins to wrap itself around Baman. Piderman uses his web save him, and they both run away with the Squib in pursuit. Piderman sees a house, and they jump through the window, narrowly evading the Squib. Inside, they meet Tuba's Dad, who they ask about the location of the Winter Friends Wish. Tuba's Dad reveals that he used his wish on cakes, but shows Baman that he had a wish inside him all along (inside a compartment in Baman's shirt). Back at the house, Pizza Head spits out Baman and Piderman from the ceiling, and Baman uses his wish to make Pumkin better. Pumkin returns to normal, gaining a body as well. As Piderman hugs him, Baman finally opens his Happy Winter Friends present, which contains the Squib from earlier.


  • The title of this episode (and the eponymous holiday) may be a parody of Happy Tree Friends; both shows are distributed by Mondo Media.
  • This is the second episode to not use the usual theme song; the first was the previous episode.
  • When The Other Guy eats the cereal in Piderman's house, he turns green. This is a reference to Make Da Band, where the same thing happened to Piderman.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Happy Winter Friends (Part 2).

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(The episode begins with Pumkin and Tuba playing Take Turns in Baman's house. Tuba blows her party blower, and a giant snowflake crashes in, landing on their game board. The scene switches to Baman walking along the hallway, while Piderman is dragged along by a web connected to Baman's back. Piderman sings as he is dragged along)

Piderman: Doo, doo doo, doo doo, we're going to get the wish for Pumkin, then go over to....da doo doo.

(Baman stops suddenly)

Baman: Piderman. We're in the trees!

(Piderman stands up and looks around)

Piderman: What's that?

(A smiling snowman is shown)

Baman: Excuse me, but, uh di-duh...

(He stops talking and stares at the snowman. The scene switches between his and the snowman's face twice. Baman becomes angry, and the snowman frowns. He takes the snowman's eyes and places them over his own)

Baman: Blaaaaaah!

(The snowman splatters against a tree)

Piderman: Baman how did you do that?

Baman: (removing the snowman's eyes) It's better if you don't know.

(A pale green tree moves from behind Baman)

Piderman: Baman that tree's moved.

Baman: Piderman. It's just a moving tree. Don't you remember?

(A flashback shows Baman and Piderman sitting on Piderman's roof. The same tree walks past them, and they are taken slightly aback. The flashback ends; a Squib hatches from the tree and begins to move towards Baman. Piderman is the only one who notices this)

Piderman: Baman, Baman, Baman!

Baman: What is it?

Piderman: Baman! Baman! Baman!

Baman: Piderman, I don't understand what you want. (A tentacle wraps around his ear)

Piderman: Waaaaa! oh no Baman!

(The tentacles have now completely wrapped around Baman, and he finally realizes what's going on)

Baman: Oh no!

(Piderman uses his web to grab Baman by the stomach and pull him to safety. They run away, with Baman holding Piderman. The Squib is in close pursuit)

Baman & Piderman: *scream*

Piderman: Baman that house!

(A house similar to Baman's is shown. A sign hanging from it reads "No Monsters Pweez". Baman jumps into action)

Baman: I come over the hooouse!

(He jumps through the window with Piderman, as the tentacles pass by. Inside, Baman and Piderman find Tuba's Dad)

Baman: Hmmm. Tuba'

Tuba's Dad: (there is a slight pause, then he honks, his "speech" being supplemented with subtitles) Yes!

Baman & Piderman: Yaaaay!

Tuba's Dad: How is my little girl doing?

Piderman: Tuba's taking her medicine!

Baman: She ate all the cakes!

Tuba's Dad: Wonderful! Say Baman...when are you going to make my little honest tuba?

(Upon hearing this, Baman covers his face with a gasp and faints. Piderman giggles and pats him)

Piderman: Tuba's Dad? We need to get a Happy Winter Friends Wish to save Pumkin, 'cause he's rotted. I hope they're okay at the house.

(The scene switches to inside Piderman's house. The Other Guy sits eating [cereal] at a table; he has turned a different shade of green. Tuba flies through the air behind him, and That Guy chases after her, laughing, with Pumkin in one hand. A fire starts on the kitchen table. The scene switches back to inside Tuba's Dad's house)

Tuba's Dad: I had a Winter Friends Wish!

Baman: You do!?

Piderman: You do?

Tuba's Dad: Yes...but I used it on all these cakes.

(The camera pans over to a pile of chocolate-frosted cakes)

Baman & Piderman: Awwwwww.

Tuba's Dad: But Baman, don't you see? You had the wish inside you all along!

(The bat logo on Baman's shirt pulls out like a drawer. Baman reaches inside and pulls out a wand, gazing at it in awe. The scene switches back to inside Piderman's house, where Pizza Head spits them up from the ceiling. They fall into a heap on the floor, and Baman raises the wish in the air)

Baman: Make Pumkin all better!

(We say goodbye to Pumkin 3.1)

(The wish glows, and a white light illuminates the screen. Pumkin's head is back to normal, but as the camera zooms out, we see that he also has a new body with arms, legs, and black shoes with white circles on them. He looks at his new body, and Piderman uses his web to pull him into a hug)

(And hello to Pumkin NT 4.0!)

Piderman: Yay, Pumkin! Now you're better! And you have feet now! (He uses his web to pick up Pumkin's foot)

(Pumkin falls on the ground, and Tuba tickles him with her party blower)

Baman: Piderman. I can open this now. (He holds up the pink gift from the previous episode as Those Guys go back into the basement)

(Baman unwraps the present, and he, Piderman, Tuba, and Pumkin all look inside. Squib's tentacles shoot out, and Piderman and Baman scream as the episode ends)