Now Piderman knows why he shouldn't
eat cereal...
Episode Number: 103
Release Date: June 16, 2009
Make Da Band

Make Da Band

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Make Da Band is the third episode of Baman Piderman.



Baman wants to make da band and Piderman helps, but den Piderman gets confubsed.


Piderman is playing with the lettuce on a sandwich when Baman invites him to make a band. The two then perform a song. After they finish, Baman says that Piderman looks confused, so Piderman goes to eat some cereal. As Baman waits for him, he hears Tuba honk. He realizes they forgot to let Tuba be in the band, and reassures her that she can be in the next band. Piderman then returns, but his costume is green. He drops down to the ground, saying that he doesn't like cereal anymore.


  • Starting in the next episode, the song that Baman and Piderman sang became the theme song for the series.
  • In June 2017, YouTuber Positive Voltage uploaded a trap remix of the song, entitled Make Da Remix. The remix has over 800 views as of May 2018.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Make Da Band.

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(Piderman is repeatedly dropping and picking up a piece of lettuce onto a slice of bread. Baman suddenly pops up from under the table)

Baman: Wanna make a band?

Piderman: Okay.

Baman: Can I be in it too? (He eats the lettuce)

Piderman: Yeah, because I sing the words.

Baman: I'm Baman!

Piderman: I'm Piderman!

Baman: I come over the house! (As he sings this, he enters Piderman's house through a window. Piderman is hanging from the ceiling inside)

Baman & Piderman: We're best friends! (They each pick up a phone as they sing this)

(Baman and Piderman are now lying about on a couch and the floor)

Piderman: Baman that was a good song.

Baman: Yeah but you look confused.

Piderman: I'm gonna go eat some cereal so I don't get confused. (He exits through a doorway into the kitchen)

(Baman is still lying on the floor, when he hears a tuba sound)

Baman: We forgot about Tuba! It's okay Tuba. You can be in the next band.

Tuba: (Honks)

Baman: I love you. (He hugs Tuba)

Piderman: (Hanging from the ceiling) Hi Tuba. (He is now a dark green color)

Baman: Why did you get green?

Piderman: Waaah! (He falls onto the floor) I don't like cereal anymore!

Tuba: (Honks twice)

(As the episode ends, Baman is seen through a doorway. He does a cartwheel, and finally falls down onto the ground)