This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Make Da Band.

(Piderman is repeatedly dropping and picking up a piece of lettuce onto a slice of bread. Baman suddenly pops up from under the table)

Baman: Wanna make a band?

Piderman: Okay.

Baman: Can I be in it too? (He eats the lettuce)

Piderman: Yeah, because I sing the words.

Baman: I'm Baman!

Piderman: I'm Piderman!

Baman: I come over the house! (As he sings this, he enters Piderman's house through a window. Piderman is hanging from the ceiling inside)

Baman & Piderman: We're best friends! (They each pick up a phone as they sing this)

(Baman and Piderman are now lying about on a couch and the floor)

Piderman: Baman that was a good song.

Baman: Yeah but you look confused.

Piderman: I'm gonna go eat some cereal so I don't get confused. (He exits through a doorway into the kitchen)

(Baman is still lying on the floor, when he hears a tuba sound)

Baman: We forgot about Tuba! It's okay Tuba. You can be in the next band.

Tuba: (Honks)

Baman: I love you. (He hugs Tuba)

Piderman: (Hanging from the ceiling) Hi Tuba. (He is now a dark green color)

Baman: Why did you get green?

Piderman: Waaah! (He falls onto the floor) I don't like cereal anymore!

Tuba: (Honks twice)

(As the episode ends, Baman is seen through a doorway. He does a cartwheel, and finally falls down onto the ground)