Baman likes his card...but is Pumkin
Episode Number: 106
Release Date: September 1, 2009 (on Teletoon at Night)
Make Da Cards

Make Da Cards

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Make Da Cards is the sixth episode of Baman Piderman.





Piderman makes da card for Baman but someone watched him!


Piderman makes Baman a card, and calls him over to his house to read it. Baman crashes through the door rather than opening it, and is about to take the card when an ad pops up for peabnut bubber. After Piderman clicks the ad out, Baman reads his card as Pumkin secretly watches. Later, Baman and Piderman are on Piderman's roof, giving stomach medicine (which is actually just "peabnut bubber") to Tuba, since she ate all of the cakes in the previous episode. Suddenly, Piderman spots Pumkin in a top story window, and warns him to be careful. Pumkin falls down, landing on Piderman's stomach, and gives him a card saying that he was jealous. To make him feel better, Baman gives him his hat. His face is entirely white, and in the exact shape of his hat. As the episode ends, Piderman gasps.


  • At the begining of the episode, you can see another trail behind Baman's house, which indicates it had been traveling.
  • When Piderman reaches for the phone and drops the pen, it is absorbed into his leg.
  • Baman has his hand in a jar of peabnut bubber before going to Piderman's house, which turns his glove brown.
  • The ad that pops up states that peabnut bubber is good medicine for Tubas, "especially if you ate all of da cakes". This parodies the style of Google ads that would pop up on videos around the time the video was published.
    • Despite Piderman and Baman being visibly annoyed by the appearance of the ad, they heed its advice later in the video.
  • Baman says random things instead of actually reading what was written on the card.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Make Da Cards.

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(An aerial shot of outside is shown. Baman can be seen lying next to his house, but only his feet are visible. Piderman can be heard singing very faintly. The scene switches to inside, where Piderman is using his crayons to make a card for Baman)

Piderman: (singing) Baman is my friend, and I'm making the card, 'cause my crayons are this colors that I made them.

(His card is shown. At the top is a crudely drawn picture of Baman, with an arrow pointing to it that reads "Dis is you". The rest of the card reads "Hi Baman you are my best friend!")

Piderman: (still singing) I made my friend this card, because he is my- (he stops singing and picks up his phone) Baman!

(Outside Baman's house, Baman is lying on the ground next to Tuba. His leg is slapping against the ground, and his hand is in a jar of peabnut bubber. He picks up his phone)

Piderman: I have a surprise to give you! (Baman smiles)

(The scene switches to inside Piderman's house, where Piderman holds the card. Baman crashes through the front door. His left hand is brown from the peabnut bubber)

Baman: I see you make this for me?

(As he reaches out to receive it, an ad similar to Google Ads pops up. It reads "[Ads for Tubas] Peabnut Bubber is good for medicine; Especially if you ate all da cakes; Yay peabnut bubbers". Baman and Piderman frown at the ad, and Piderman finally clicks the "X" to close it. Baman takes the card and begins to read it)

Baman: Hi Baman. This is a- (The scene switches to outside the house, where Pumkin watches secretly) -card that Piderman gives you, and then you can read it - (The camera begins to zoom in on Pumkin) - because he is your best friend and, it's a card for you.

(The scene switches to outside, where Baman and Piderman are on Piderman's roof. Baman is pouring peabnut bubber into Tuba's "mouth", as Piderman holds her)

Baman: Tuba, you need to have your medicine. (Note that medicine is actuilly Peanut Bubber)

Piderman: (suddenly reaching his hands towards the sky) Pumkin be careful!

(Pumkin is shown at the edge of a very high window holding a card that reads "For Piderman". He tips forward, and lands on Piderman's stomach. Piderman takes the card from him)

Piderman: Awww, thanks Pumkin! (The inside of the card reads, "Hi Piderman, I like you too. I was jealous")

Baman: Don't be jealous, Pumkin. You can wear my hat! (He takes his hat off and places it on top of Pumkin. His face is shown to be white and in the exact shape of his hat)

Piderman: *gasps*