Squib is upset with Pumkin about
Wanda, and Pumkin tries to help.
Episode Number: 211
Release Date: December 15, 2012
Play Da Concert

Play Da Concert

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Play Da Concert is the 23rd episode of Baman Piderman and the 11th and final episode of Season Two. It was the last episode of Baman and Piderman before it's renewal almost 2 years later.

Official SummaryEdit

The Best Friends Band is having a concert, but Pumkin is nervous...





Pumkin is nervous about the Best Fwiend Band concert, so Wanda attempts to snap him out of it using both scary and friendly means. Wanda reminds Pumkin of how she fixed him when he was rotten, and he warms up to her, making Squib very jealous. The concert is almost a disaster, but Wanda saves it by playing the flute, which calms Pumkin, and all is well. It is revealed that Baman is the guest music critic, which is his new job under his new boss, Bug. Seeing Pumkin's gratitude toward Wanda sends Squib fleeing to the roof of Piderman's house. Pumkin then climbs on the roof and eases the tension, and the series ends with Pumkin and Squib sitting with each other watching the sunset.

World BuildingEdit

This episode takes place outside Baman and Piderman's houses at a stage.

For the first time, we see something like a sunset towards the end, and the world gets darker. The dark time might occur more frequently than hinted in Ghost Night.


  • Play Da Concert is the series finale for Baman Piderman, before it was renewed almost 2 years later.[1]
  • This is the first episode to use unambiguous meta-humor when (while reading the newspaper), Baman asks Piderman, "Where did we get these? Where do newspapers come from?"
  • At 5:49, this episode is the second-longest in the series.


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