Pumkin is writing a best-friends
song for him and Tuba.
Episode Number: 204
Release Date: August 2, 2012
Play Da Song

Play Da Song

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Revealations (Part 2) In Da Basement

Play Da Song is the fourth episode of the second season of Baman Piderman and the sixteenth episode overall.





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This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Play Da Song.

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(The scene starts outside of Baman and Piderman's houses. Baman cartwheels out from Piderman's house and back in. Tuba is writing the sheet music for a song called "PUMKIN + TUBA BEST FRIEND BAND SONG". Tuba jumps out)

Tuba: (quick tuba noises)

(Pumkin pats tuba, puts the sheet on the ground, and picks up a triangle. Pumkin and Tuba then begin to play part of the song. They stop and Pumkin writes down more notes. They then fist bump. Suddenly, they both hear the sound of a keyboard. They turn and look towards Piderman's house. Pumkin stands up to get a better look. He can see Squib behind the house, flopping around dejectedly.)

Tuba: (questioning tuba noise)

(Pumkin motions for Tuba to stay where she is. He hands her his triangle and walks over to where Squib is. He peeks around the corner, pulling back when Squib suddenly plays a note. He peeks around again. Squib slides a tentacle back and forth across the keys and then flips the keyboard back and forth. Another tentacle flops onto the keyboard.)

Squib: (sad hiss)

(Pumkin sees this and slowly approaches Squib from behind. He taps Squib, which causes Squib to spin around to face him.)

Squib: (hiss)

(Pumkin runs away and hides around the corner again. Squib retracts seeing that it's Pumkin. Pumkin peeks around the corner again and waves. Squib looks at Pumkin, then the keyboard, and then hides the keyboard behind himself. Pumkin holds one of Squib's tentacles and motions for him to join him and Tuba. Then, Tuba suddenly hops out from around the corner.)

Tuba: (tuba noises)

(Squib looks at Tuba, then Pumkin. Squib then curls up his tentacles and picks up both Pumkin and Tuba. Squib juggles Tuba with two tentacles while using the other three to hold Pumkin upside down by the foot and make him clap his hands. Squib then throws Pumkin into the air and catches him and they slides off screen. Cut to Baman in Piderman's house. There's a thumping noise.)

Baman: Piderman?

(Cut to Piderman who is also there.)

Piderman: What is it, Baman?

Baman: I think we should do something about this.

Piderman: About what?

(Zoom out. Baman and Piderman are seen blocking the basement door. Red Squib, who is on the other side, is trying to break through. It manages to stick some tentacles through the crack of the door for a moment.)

Red Squib: (short angry hiss)

Baman: This.

Piderman: Oh! I don't know what else to do, Baman! We already tried everything to make it go away...

World BuildingEdit


  • This episode reveals that Pumkin's music soothes squibs, and Baman squeaks when squeezed too hard.
  • Depending on the white shirt, green sleeves and yellow star, the shirt Pumkin is wearing in this episode is a reference to Sgt. Frog, Sargent Keroro to be exact.


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