This is a list of all video games played on Pumkin.

List of Games Edit

Guess Da Number Edit

Seen in Guess Da Number.

This appears to be a game where two players try to guess a number. Whoever guesses correctly wins. It is unknown if both players can get a number wrong at the same time, or if they can both guess the same number.

Pumkin Diary: Revealations Edit

Seen in Revealations.

This seems to be a game involving Pumkin's private diary entries. It's unknown if this game is Pumkin's diary itself, or rather based on the contents. Regardless, Pumkin gets embarrassed when Piderman tries to play it

Balliez 2Edit

Seen in Ghost Night Teaser 1

The title of this game is Balliez 2. It appears to involve keeping a black ball on the screen in front of a rainbow background. When the ball rolls off screen, it results in a game over.

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