This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Pwactice Da Counting.

(Piderman is practicing his counting inside of his house)

Piderman: One is for peabnut bubber... (A shot of a jar of peabnut bubber is shown as he points to it) ...two is for Tuba... (Tuba is shown as Piderman points to her) ...three is for... (He stands back, and looks around confused) ...three is for...where did three go?

(Piderman pulls himself into his doorway with his web. He remains lying facedown on the ground)

Piderman: Baman? Baman? Baman. Baman. Baman, Baman Baman. Baman Baman. Baman. Baman Baman Baman!

(Baman rolls down from a hill and crashes through Piderman's roof. He peeks over the top of the house to where Piderman is laying)

Baman: My house was sleeping. He didn't hear you. (He drops down next to Piderman) Hi.

Piderman: I was practicing my counting, but, then three was lost!

Baman: (Now inside the house)Piderman,do you remember that three is your house? (Piderman clasps his hands to his head after he hears this)

Piderman: (Now inside his house) One for peabnut, (He waves the jar of peabnut bubber around with his web) two for tuba, (He claps his hands on Tuba's sides) three for house! (He spreads his arms out towards the ceiling)

(Piderman looks out of his doorway. Baman is waving from his house, and Tuba is partially leaning out of the window. He continues to wave as his house drives away)

Baman: Tah-dah.