Piderman and Pumkin unmask
the Baman Impostor
Episode Number: 202
Release Date: March 15, 2012


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Fimd Da Jobs Revealations (Part 2)

Revealations (Part 1) is the second episode of the second season of Baman and Piderman, and the fourteenth episode overall.




Official SummaryEdit

Piderman and Pumkin are habing games and Winter Friends but fings are amiss.


After receiving a new sweater from Squib, Pumkin heads downstairs, where Piderman has just finished wrapping his Happy Winter Friends present for Baman and wants to play some video games. After plugging Pumkin in, Piderman decides to invite Baman over. However, as Baman walks normally to Piderman's house and sits properly on the living room couch, Piderman begins to become suspicious. He decides to test "Baman" by asking him to sing the theme song with him. Nervously, "Baman" makes up a song on the spot. Piderman is not fooled, and as "Baman" attempts to escape through a window, he and Pumkin notice a zipper on his back. Pumkin uses Piderman's web to unzip the costume, and the episode ends with Piderman screaming as the impostor is revealed.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Revealations (Part 1).

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(The episode starts with giant snowflakes falling. One hits Piderman's house as Squib is climbing up it. Pumkin is folding origami, and Squib drops off a present in his room. When Pumkin fails to notice, Squib drops the present again. Finally, he drops it right next to his desk and and hisses to grab his attention. Pumkin jumps, looks around, and finally notices the present behind him, which turns out to be a blue-green sweater with a pink heart on it. Pumkin puts it on and heads downstairs, where Piderman is wrapping a present for Baman)

Piderman: Oh Pumkin-sweater, there you are! I'm done wrapping presents, let's play games!

(The scene switches to Piderman's living room. Piderman sits in front of the TV, and Pumkin sits beside it, plugged in via two cables. Pumkin Diary: Revealations pops up on the screen with two options: "Start" or "Don't")

Piderman: Oh, this one looks fun!

(Pumkin glances at the television screen, doing a double take when he realizes what game is pulled up. He covers the screen with his hands, blushing)

Piderman: (laughing) Let's call Baman! (he picks up the phone) Baman! Come over for Happy Winter Friends!

(The camera pans over to Baman's house, where Squib is playing the show's theme song on his keyboard. Baman looks at Piderman's house through the window)

Baman: Okay, I'll be right there.

(Baman walks in an uncharacteristically normal fashion to Piderman's house. As he does so, Piderman eyes him with suspicion. Baman stops in front of the gaping hole that serves as Piderman's door)

Baman: Knock, knock. (He knocks as he says this) May I come in?

(Baman passes into the living room and smiles at Piderman and Pumkin, who share a look of concern as he seats himself normally on Piderman's couch)

Piderman: Hmm.

(Two thought clouds appear from his head. The first shows Baman rolling around in his typical non-Euclidean fashion and singing, while the second shows the current Baman sitting properly in a chair, still and quiet. Pumkin swats the thought bubbles away from Piderman's head, causing them to float off-screen)

Piderman: Mm-hmm. Hmmm. Baman, are you okay?

Baman: Oh, I'm fine. (One of the ears to his mask folds down. He quickly fixes it)

Piderman: Baman, you don't... seem like yourself.

Baman: Whatever do you mean?

Piderman: (suspiciously) Baman, let's sing the song together that we know, 'cause you're Baman, and we sing it together.

Baman: Which one do you mean? (His eyes begin to twitch)

Piderman: Oh, just the theme song.

Baman: (nervously) Uh... kay. (He begins to make up a song on the spot) Um... when you and I sing together...

(He pauses to gauge Piderman's reaction. Piderman is sitting with his arms crossed, glaring at Baman. His eyes grow wide as the song finishes)

Piderman: Oooh you're not Baman! (He clambers into Pumkin's arms)

(Baman begins to climb out of the window. As he turns around, the camera zooms in to reveal a zipper on the back of his costume)

Piderman: Oh, what do we do, no, no, what do we do. Oh no, wha-

(Pumkin grabs Piderman's arm and cocks it like a gun. He aims it at the zipper and fires a string of web at it. Baman's costume unzips, and the episode ends as Piderman screams, horrified at whatever is dressed up as Baman)