Piderman and Pumkin embark
on da journey.
Episode Number: 203
Release Date: June 24, 2012
Revealations Part 2

Revealations Part 2

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Revealations (Part 2) is the third episode of Baman Piderman Season 2 and the fifteenth episode overall.




Official SummaryEdit

Piderman and Pumkin go on da journey to fimd Baman!


In part two of Revealations, it is revealed that the Basement Monsters were hiding inside the Impostor Baman costume. Piderman goes into hysterics about the fact that Baman missing until Pumkin calms him. The Basement Monsters explain that they dropped Baman into Pizza Head, sending him to 'da trees'. They almost reveal their motives for doing this but recover, leaving their answer at "Just because". They tell Piderman and Pumkin that they must go on a journey to find Baman, and Piderman seems to like that idea. While Piderman lays in a heap on the ground, Pumkin prepares for the journey by packing a first-aid kit, attempting (and failing) to find something that can fit in his tiny sleeve pocket, and feeding the miniature Bamans inside Piderman's idle thought bubbles.

After Piderman and Pumkin jump into Pizza Head, Squib hurriedly jumps in after them just as the mouth is closing. This causes Pizza Head visible distress and the Basement Monsters console him.

In Da Trees, they find Baman having tea with Tuba's Dad, who suddenly becomes extremely defensive at the questioning of his impromptu tea party. Baman's finger is in a thing, but when Tuba's Dad allows him to remove it, just his hand comes out, leaving his severed finger in the thing. One of the trees near them begins to shift ominously, and Tuba's Dad warns them that they better leave before another Squib hatches. As they start to head back, an antagonistic burgundy Squib hatches and starts chasing them. (Green) Squib appears and holds the burgundy Squib back, allowing Baman, Piderman, and Pumkin to escape up a rope that the Basement Monsters lowered down Pizza Head's mouth. Pumkin hesitates and reaches out his hand, appearing to be concerned about Squib. Squib suddenly puts one of its tentacles into Pumkin's sleeve pocket, and it fits perfectly. There is a touching and slightly romantic moment between them as Pumkin relaxes his hand onto Squib's tentacle, but he is then quickly whisked back up into the basement while Squib is left behind. Pizza Head refuses to let a frantic Pumkin back through his mouth, and Pumkin gives up, leaving everyone in somber silence at the apparent loss of Squib. Then, Squib suddenly bursts through Pizza Head, causing everyone to cheer as Squib falls into a heap on top of Pumkin in what could be called a hug. The episode ends showing Tuba's Dad looking around shiftily and taking the thing that has Baman's finger lodged in it, while eerie music is playing, implying that he may have malevolent intentions.

World BuildingEdit

In this episode, Tuba's Dad confirms that Squibs do in fact hatch out of trees just like Squib did in a previous episode.


Sometimes Revealations Part 2 is referred to as a separate episode, but it is actually still the second part of episode thirteen, Revealations.


This is the transcript for the Baman Piderman episode Revealations (Part 2).

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(As Those Guys climb out of the Baman suit, Piderman is still rolling on the floor panicking.))

Piderman: "Oh no! Where-did-he-go! Dis not Baman! No! Oh no no no no no! Oh where's Baman! Do-whe-oh! Ow. No no no no no no."

That Guy: (reassuringly) "It's just us."

Piderman: "Wah no. Waaaahhh. aaah. weh."

(Pumkin calms down Piderman by brushing his head. Piderman is out for a second and then comes to.)

Piderman: "Whe-What did you do with Baman?"

That Guy: (laughing) "Well, remember when"

(Scene flashes back to when Baman first took the job offer from Those Guys in Fimd Da Jobs.)

Baman: "Ok, that sounds like a good idea."

(Baman falls through the trap door, and the other guy pulls him into the pizza portal where he plops with a splash. Those Guys rejoice and then put on a Baman suit. The scene then goes back to the present.)

Piderman: "Why-y?"

The Other Guy: (laughing) "Well becoz..."

That Guy: (quickly shutting up The Other Guy) "Just becoz."

Piderman: (angry) "oooohhh!

That Guy: (flinging himself at Piderman) "You could go on da journey!"

The Other Guy: "Yeh, to find him!"

Piderman: (warming to the idea) "Yeah, we could go on da journey to find Baman! Let's go get ready!"

(Scene switches to Piderman and Pumkin triumphantly standing up to prepare for da journey. Piderman gracelessly falls on his face outside of the house, while Pumkin packs his "boo boo box" into his backpack. While Pumkin tries to find something to fit in his sweater pocket, Piderman is still lying outside where he fell. Pumkin tries to put a pencil in his pocket, but it falls out. Next, Pumkin tries a cookie, but it breaks in two. Next, he tries a CD cover with pre-feets Pumkin and Tuba on the front. Pumkin gives up; the camera again pans to Piderman who is still lying face-first on the ground during this epic preparation sequence. Pumkin goes to feed Piderman's Thoughts. The real Baman thought bubble is still singing and eats the little food pellets, but the fake one just sits there. Pumkin then goes to get Piderman, still lying down. Pumkin pokes him again and again, and Piderman starts to laugh.)

Piderman: "He-he-he-he. Hi Pumkin!"

(Pumkin points to the basement, and the camera pans to our heroes standing in front of the pizza portal, which is staring untrustingly at them.)

That Guy: "Go on!"

(Pizza Head throws its tongue out at Pumkin.)

Piderman: "Pumkin let's go! Yay yay yay!" (dives in with Pumkin)

(Squib erupts from the top of the stairs and dives into Pizza Head before it can close. Pizza head sticks its tongue out like its sick.)

Those Guys: "Aw baby! Aw, poor baby! Awww!"

(Camera pans to Baman and Tuba's Dad having tea in Da Trees.)

Piderman: "There he is!" (points to Baman) "Baman, what are you doing here?!"

(Baman has his finger in a brick that says "For Pingers" and he's drinking tea on a posh picnic setup next to Tuba's Dad.)

Baman: "I... don't know."

Tuba's Dad: (increasingly defensively) "What, it's not normal to have tea? With your Tuba's Father? IN THE WOODS?! WITH YOUR FINGER IN A THING? I'M NOT WEIRD. YOU ARE."

Baman: "Can I take my finger out now? It's all cold an' stuff."

Tuba's Dad: "Okay."

(Baman pulls his finger out. His glove finger is still stuck in, but his new finger seems fine. He stares at it for a second. Several trees quake and sway.)

Tuba's Dad: "You boys better get back, another squib might hatch if you dawdle.

Baman: "Oh. No. We wouldn't want that."

(Suddenly, Red Squib hatches out of a tree and charges at the group.

Piderman: "Oh no no no no."

(Camera pans to Those Guys looking down at the scene through Pizza Head.)

The Other Guy: "Ok, I think we should give them this now." (throws rope down)

Piderman: (seeing the rope) "Quick! We gotta get up there!" (everyone trips, but Pumkin is on the ground) "Pumkin!"

(Pumkin braces himself for the end, and suddenly Squib beats back Red Squib.)

Baman: "Is that our Squib?"

(Squib urges Pumkin up the rope and lovingly inserts a tentacle that fits perfectly into Pumkin's sweater pocket. Pumkin reluctantly accepts and puts his hand around Squib's tentacle in a friendly embrace. Squib then shoots Pumkin, Baman, and Piderman up and out of Pizza Head into the basement. Pumkin tries desperately to pry open the pizza portal to bring Squib back.

Piderman: (sadly) "Squib. didn't. come back."

(Dramatic pause.)

(Suddenly, Squib erupts from the pizza portal, and everyone cheers! Pumkin gets clobbered by Squib but lifts his fists in righteous approval. The camera then pans to Tuba's Dad who removes the finger trap Baman was in. He looks around suspiciously as creepy music plays and then walks off into Da Trees.)