Snowman is a character from Baman Piderman

Character BioEdit

The Snowman was seen in the episode Happy Winter Friends (Part 2). Baman and Piderman met the Snowman while they were on a journey to save Pumkin.

Piderman notices the Snowman smiling and Baman tries to talk to him to get information about the Winter Friends Wish, but the Snowman just stares at Baman and doesn't respond. Baman gets angry and, while the Snowman frowns, takes the Snowman's eyes, fits them over his own, and screams, causing the Snowman to blow apart. Piderman asks how he did this, and he responds that it'd be better if he didn't know.

It is unknown if the Snowman will return in future episodes, but it's not likely, either.

Episode AppearancesEdit