Tuba during her appearance in Make Da Band.

Tuba is one of the supporting characters in Baman Piderman and also Baman's girlfriend.

Character BioEdit

Tuba is one of the two tritagonists (the other being Pumkin) and the one of two definite female on the show, the other one being Wanda (Ghost). She first appeared in the episode Make Da Band, in which Baman tells the brass instrument that he loves her, and in later episodes it is made clear that they have a romantic relationship. Although she is in Piderman's house during the episode, she now lives with Baman in his house, whom her father wants her to marry. She communicates through sounds that resemble a person blowing into a tuba. Like Pumkin, she is not an inanimate object, and can be seen moving on her own on several occasions.

In the episode Escape Da Cakes, Tuba consumes several cakes that are trapping Baman, and produces a chocolate-frosted cupcake (Baman later eats it.) The next episode, she is seen taking "medicine" (which, in fact, is just "peabnut bubber"). Tuba also possesses a party noise-maker that she blows. Tuba was found to be a girl in Happy Winter Friends (Part 2) when her dad refers to her as his "little girl" and "little princess". In the episode "Frow Da Party" she is seen in the backround of Baman trying to think why they should call it a "feets day" party, jumping into the Pizza Head. She eventually makes a band called Best Fwends Band with Pumkin and Squib and has a concert with them, where her dad sits close to Baman to keep an eye on his daughter's boyfriend, the music critc who was going to watch the concert.

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